RAJKOT METLAB SERVICES provides a comprehensive range of metallurgical and mechanical testing services with a dedicated machine shop to provide specimen preparation. Test specimens are prepared for metallic and non-metallic materials in the evaluation of tensile, compression, impact, weldability and bend properties.

RMS has in-house Mechanical Testing Facility to provide precise determination of Proof Stress by the attachment of various Electronic Extensometers. Tensile test at Elevated Temperature is a special service offered by RMS. Tests are conducted as per ASTM, BS, IS, DIN, NACE or client specified standards.

Our Mechanical Testing Capabilities include:

Tensile Testing
Hardness Testing
Impact Test
Bend Test
Proof Load
Flaring / Flattening
Component Testing, and more.

Routine testing of fasteners, chain materials, weld coupons, wire rope, castings, sheet, plate, forgings and other components is done in an expedient manner providing an efficient, quality conscious service.

Our customers can feel confident that not only routine but also the most diverse test requests will be handled by our highly experienced engineers and technicians.

Our Mechanical Testing Capabilities include:

Electronic Universal Testing Machines with Extensometer (0 – 400 KN)
Hardness Testers (Rockwell Cum Brinell)
Impact Testers (Model IT 30 Charpy Impact Tester as per ASTM standard)
Test Equipment
Laboratory Facility

Complete workshop facilities including Lathe Machines, Shaping Machine, Surface Grinding Machines, Milling Machines and Drilling Machines Complete Set of Measuring and inspection instruments including Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, and Dial Gauges. Number of fixtures and attachments for various tests